April 19, 2018

Episode 24

April 12, 2018

Episode 23

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April 5, 2018

Episode 22

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Amy Collins is the President of New Shelves Books, one of the largest book sales and marketing content providers in the US. As a former Book Buyer for a chain of bookstores in New York and Sales Director for a large publishing company, she has spent her career working with Barnes & Noble, Target, Costco, Books-A-Million, Wal-Mart, and is a trusted expert, speaker, and recommended sales consultant for some of the largest book and library retailers and wholesalers in the publishing industry. In the last 20 years, Amy and her team have sold over 40 Million books into the bookstore, library, and Chain store market for small and midsized publishers. She is on the national advisory board for IngramSpark, is a board member of Author U, a featured columnist for THEBOOKDESIGNER, BookWorks, IBPA, and a trusted teacher in the world of small press publishers. She …

March 29, 2018

Episode 21

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Dr. Richard B. Greene, DBA, SSBB, CMPE

The Ironman Business Coach

Dr. Richard Greene’s experience spans more than 30 years as corporate sales executive across many different industries. He’s an author, a business coach, and entrepreneur. Over the course of his career, he’s had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s brightest minds in business and commerce.

As a researcher in the field of human potential, he’s studied success factors of those that are the top in their industries and developed systems that professionals use to create unparalleled success in their careers and in their lives. Dr. Greene developed his success philosophy early in his professional career when he discovered the power of effective time management.

Rich is an advocate for the application of “process” to achieve super productivity. Traditional processes provide a formula and order of activities an individual must take to …