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Thank you very much for agreeing to speak on In The Now Podcast show with Brandon Hintz & Mike Driggers. We can't wait to have you share your wisdom with our audience. The theme of the show is around Business, Marketing, Mindset, and Mentorship where we will be discussing how businesses are growing and marketing in today's economy.

If you have personal knowledge and experience you’d like to share with our audience, we’d love to have you submit your details below. Please give complete details as this will help us not only see where your expertise fits into our event but, if selected, the information will also be used in our marketing materials.

IMPORTANT:You will need to set aside 30 minutes for your session. This gives you5 minutes to test the technology before the radio show interview, 20 minutes for your interview, 5 minutes to promote your product after the presentation.

To help us prepare all our marketing materials and organize the show, we need this information completed and submitted as soon as possible (Deadline: NO LATER THAN 3 weeks prior to the interview).

Step #1Fill out the form below. You will also choose a time that works best for you to discuss details about the show. Please select a date and time from the options below.

Step #2 After filling out the portion of the form below to submit your session and personal details. Please choose on the next page the best time for you to be interview on the show. If you need a bit of time to gather the details for this part, that’s fine. Just bookmark this page so you can come back to it.



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If you have any questions or problems, please let us know. You can also reach out to me, at or call me at (408) 504-9777.