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Customer Testimonials

1What was the greatest value you received from working with us?

"The professional, experienced presentations of the material. Specifically, greatest value for me was the focus on the client to give them the one thing to win!"

"Motivation and confidence to do more!"

"Visualizing that there are workable solutions to my challenges managing my practice and finding my WOW clients-- thereby making my freedom and joy in my life's work tangible. This three days was a catalyst for me to effect the change I needed to become "un-burnt-out"."

"Love your energy and the positive atmosphere you bring. Appreciate the individual attention and interest."

"I have a new teammate who's excited to run with me in my tower garden juice plus biz, making a difference with more fruits and veg! And potential new fun people to partner with."

"I appreciate the fact that they pull back the curtains to the business and should how it can apply to ours. Lots of great info that i can take advantage of."

"The insight that business can be done better along with techniques that can help improve our business. Never really visualized me in my perfect state but if I cannot see it how can I attain it!"

"So many things! But overall, the one item that stands out is reinforcing and validating that the only way that I am going to be happy and successful in work and life is to make sure I have WOW clients and WOW relationships"

"Looking from the outside in, speaking, offers and programs look so overwhelming. I most appreciate the structure, breaking things down into steps, and understanding the order of the process. It feels like a topo map. There are many paths to the same end, when you encounter an obstacle, go around it."

"Insight into other marketing techniques to grow and enhance my business."

"A place to explore challenges and work on vision and core purposes."

2What was the biggest gain you received from the Design It course?

"A clearer path to identifying what I have to offer to whom."

"Learning about Vince's insights and personal relationship with God."

"The multiple nuggets that Mike dropped during the thee days. Brandon's illustrations / experiences working with multiple business and how those stories help him become an Authority in his coaching space."

"Understanding of the importance of utilizing simple building blocks to connect with the physical world and LEARNING HOW TO APPLY THEM."

"There was no one biggest gain, so here are my take-aways for the gains for me: The process of surveying my "best" clients. The Sales Funnel steps, and the need to constantly evaluate my processes and successes and track my activities. Steve's personal daily rituals were inspiring to me, as well. That has prompted me to take action and live by my calendar, improve my personal exercising, read and learn and improve all my business aspect---and my life's gratification processes, as well. Overall: I am thankful and grateful that I signed up, attended and participated, and benefited from TheNowAcademy. Thank you, all of you."

"Connecting with the human being on the other side of the equation "

"More confidence that I can be successful and attract my WOW clients."

"I like how they humanized the relationships on all levels. Think out side the box."

"Meeting other business owners at various stages of their career and having time during lunch and dinner to get better acquainted with them."

"Visualizing challenges and making plan "to-go-around" Being water :-)"

"As silly as this sounds, I realized the need to get "help" so to speak to grow my business so that I can ultimately make more money and enhance my freedom."

"Speaking and learning from people who have been in the same position I have been in for years. The willingness for each of you to help us get out and see life/business how it can be. Also, Brandon's willingness and vast knowledge to help me see possibility's in my business."